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Most Taiwanese idol dramas are based in school, but you almost never see them study.

The characters go on school trips, they meet exchange students (sometimes Guy B and Girl B are introduced this way), take study hiatuses to work part-time, and have some amusing teachers, but they never study.

Side note: Add in a b_tchy Girl C who is in love with Guy A and constantly tries to sabotage Girl A, and you've got Korean romantic comedy formula.

Anyway, so insert the plot of Hana Kimi in the formula above.

After a drastic hair chop, she ends up bumping into Quan on her first day.

And luck is on her side, because guess who she's sharing a dorm with? 3) A boring plot twist that reveals to Rui Xi that Quan knew about her all along.

Plot Formula for a Taiwanese idol drama is as follows.

Girl A comes from a tight-knit family and usually helps Guy A sort out his own family issues.

Chinese Title: "Hua Yang Xiao Nian Xiao Nu" (roughly translates to the tricks of boys and girls) No. Starring pretty faces from those pesky Taiwanese bands, S. He is usually juvenile, not interested in matters of the heart (until he meets Girl A), and has some family issues, though his family is usually well-off.Rui Xi is Girl A, a chubby, plain, boyish-looking girl who gets inspired to lose 30kg when she watches her idol, Zuo Yi Quan, high jump on TV.She falls so hard for him that she decides to return to Taiwan and enroll in Ying Kai, a boys-only boarding school that Quan attends.of episodes: 15 *Based on the shoujo manga Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ("For You in Full Blossom") written by Hisaya Nakajo Theme songs Zen Me Ban - What Should I Do, S. E (opening) Te Bie Tian Shi - Special Angel, TANK (closing) Dong Le - Understood, TANK (interlude) Sha Sha de Yong Qi - Foolish Courage, Venk (interlude) Cast Ella Chen as Rui Xi Wu Chun as Quan Jiro Wang as Xiu Yi Tang Zhi Ping as Mei Tian (school nurse) Danson Tang as Liang Si Nan (dorm 2 leader) Supporting Cast Chen Wen Xiang as Ye Shen (friend to Xiu Yi) Xie Zheng Hao as Ri Hui (friend to Xiu Yi) Xie He Xian as Sima Shu (friend to Xiu Yi) Nissa Marion as Julia (friend to Rui Xi) Ethan Ruan as Shen Le Foreword Guilty pleasure #51,693. Decent acting, familiar characters, and an unconventional ending, anyone aged 12-18 will probably watch this series and love it. Girl A is plain, innocent, probably tomboyish and only good at one thing and one thing only: she unconditionally supports Guy A and completely idolizes him. The most successful ones have been based on a manga. Guy A is cool, tall, good-looking, and incredibly good at something.

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