Why are parents so strict about dating

I think that Option 1 is the dumbest of the three, because the person most hurt by your rebellion is yourself.

By engaging in dangerous activities that could leave permanent physical and psychological scars, you could be throwing away your chance at living a healthy adult life once you grow up and get out of your parents' grips.

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I've drawn much of the material from conversations with and about Chinese immigrants in my parents' generation.

I assert that Asian parents' obsessive emphasis on grades, test scores, and college rankings originate from their upbringing in a poor, oppressive, and politically-unstable third-world society.

I then encourage kids growing up under these overbearing parents to try to understand why their parents feel so strongly about such issues, and then try to accept them for who they are rather than rebelling against or trying to change them.

My original article portrayed some Asian parents in an extremely negative light, but it never explored their possible motivations.

It presupposed that they were harsh and overbearing, and sternly warned that their parenting style would harm their children.

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