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=== === Kiley Williams is 7 years younger than Michelle Williams, but there are not related by anyway they just have the same last names.Ironically, Kiely does have a sister by the name of Michele Williams, spelled differently from Michelle Williams of Destiny's child.Williams is also super active on social media, keeping fans updated on her every action on Twitter and Instagram.And that "every action" includes being a motivational speaker on the Ladies That Lead tour, which "highlights influential women of color; who can inspire other women by sharing their strategies and journey to success," according to their website.We were going to spend our second Christmas and New Year's together in a very special way.Williams and Destiny’s Child released studio album “Survivor” in May 2001, which debuted at no.1 on the Billboard 200 with the total of 663,000 copies.Like her former Destiny's Child bandmates, Williams literally looks exactly the same as she did when she was in the group.

But what has Michelle Williams done since Destiny's Child?

Sure, she may not have had surefire hits like her former DC bandmates, but she's still going strong — both in the music industry and in her career in general (did you know that Williams has been a bonafide Broadway star multiple times? Read on to see what the singer has been up to all these years.

Not just for the Superbowl, but on her gospel single "Say Yes." In 2014, after years of releasing solo albums, she released a gospel album, Journey to Freedom, which even featured a little bit of Destiny's Child action.

She began her career at a young age with television guest appearances and made her feature film debut in the family film Lassie (1994).

At 15, she gained emancipation from her parents, and soon achieved public recognition for her leading role in the television teen drama series Dawson's Creek (1998–2003).

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