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Jack's critical attitude towards Clark's lackluster work ethic causes management to take action against him, forcing him to say only positive things about Clark.

In her own life, Brooke learns her engagement registry at a department store has been cancelled after three-plus years, making her wonder if things with her fiancé Paul will ever progress.The Great Indoors is an American sitcom television series starring Joel Mc Hale that aired on CBS from October 27, 2016 to May 8, 2017.The series is produced by Gibbons Bros., Shiny Brass Lamp Productions in association with CBS Television Studios, with Gibbons serving as showrunner.Meanwhile, Brooke is tired of being a "Bad Cop" all the time, and digs hard into Roland to help her father find his killer instinct.While helping Jack clean out his storage unit, the group finds an old answering machine with evidence that Jack once lived with a woman named Jessie.

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