Who is jodie foster dating 2016

I could tell you the criticism backward and forward about Little Man Tate (1991).

But it didn't bother me as long as they were talking about the work and not about "she has fat thighs" or something.

In a new interview she admits: ‘Her whole identity in some ways was enmeshed in mine.

It was a painful struggle.’ The notoriously private star made the admission while discussing the upcoming episode of sci-fi TV show Black Mirror she directed.

Sources tell us that the romance got serious pretty quickly. Sure, we know Hedison, 44, as De Generes' ex, but she's way more than that.

Here are five things to know about Alexandra Hedison: She's a California Girl: Hedison was born and raised in Los Angeles.

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She started her acceptance speech by teasing that she was about to reveal something personal for the first time, only to jokingly utter, "I'm single." But after an extended silent bleep (we'd still love to know what was said...

Read Full Story(Getty Images) Wow, so who was expecting that?!

Jodie Foster forever put her mark on the 2013 Golden Globes with her acceptance of the Cecil B.

But I fared really well with "Tate", so I shouldn't be complaining.

Jodie Foster has had a romantic relationship with actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

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