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At first, she says, their relationship seemed perfect.

"We had so much fun when we were together, but it seemed like when we were separated, that's when things started heating up," she says. If she didn't answer the phone, Brittany says her ex-boyfriend would sometimes leave threatening voice mails. "He was someone that I couldn't live without." Over time, verbal threats escalated to physical violence.

Tyra cautions against judging Rihanna for going back to Chris.

"Sometimes we hold these celebrities up to a higher standard, but we have to look at her as a human being and understand that she is no better or no different than any other girl," Tyra says.

Her friends say they saw no signs that she was in an abusive relationship.

"When she came to [cheerleading] practice, her personality overcame all of that," Charli says.

On February 8, 2009, police responded to a 911 call alleging domestic violence between singers Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Later that day, both pulled out of planned appearances at the Grammy Awards, and Chris turned himself into police.

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"The message this story sends to teen girls and boys everywhere is disturbing, and it is also dangerous," Oprah says. use this as a moment to allow our society to begin to grow." Oprah believes this story can be a teaching moment for every teen and parent. "And if a man hits you once, he will hit you again." Over the past few years, talk show host Tyra Banks has interviewed both Chris and Rihanna."We always thought he was a supporter, and he was a sweet person to her." Now that they've had to bury their close friend, Keisha and her friends hope others will learn from Charney's experience."We're hoping that Charney, what happened to her, people will look at it and realize that this type of situation isn't for you," Keisha says.He was arrested on the suspicion of making criminal threats and was released on bail.Weeks later, rumors of their reconciliation were reported.

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