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One great fact about Frank and Mike is their deepest friendship.Mike is sometimes forced to stop him from repossessing more bikes.He also said the show tried to "hardcore rip [them] off" with insultingly low offers on their valuables.That all makes for a very calculated and consistent happy ending for Viewers see the deal being made, but they don't see Fritz or Wolfe selling the item later — a voiceover or chyron delivers an estimate of what the item will sell for at auction or just a vague note that it's been "sold." This gives the impression that Fritz and Wolfe make some kind of profit on most every single item.Frank Fritz, on the other hand, didn’t confirm or deny the rumor of him being gay. Net Worth: $ 4 Million Salary: 0,00 His passion for vintage and antique items have managed to earn Frank Fritz a considerable comfort lifestyle accompanied with an interesting net worth of M inclusive of his gross salary of approximately $ 500,000.He made his most significant first income through a sale of an antique item he had bought for ; the item was later on sold for 5.Recently he admitted to being dating but never disclosed the name of his girlfriend or for how long they have been together.

If you are one of his fans trying to figure out if he is married to a wife or dating a girlfriend, you have come to the right place.He is an American actor with a strong passion for vintage items.He loves repossessing vintage items and this led him to leave his first occupation as a safety and fire inspector to pursue his passion for collecting vintage items.The rumors were however proved to be baseless as Mike was happily married to his wife, Jodi Forth.The only thing that both Mike and Frank share is their deepest love for old items.

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