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If in her work she is on output, in person she is on input. Nicolas Cage gets at this quality when I ask him to describe her acting talent.“Cher is a person with a huge heart, and that really comes through not only in her music but as a screen performer.

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Cher flaunted her seemingly perfect figure during a recent outing with her girlfriends on the French Riviera. The simple outfit showed off her toned legs and noticeably perky booty with ease.” When I ask if she has ever met Donald Trump, she says she doesn’t think so, then adds: “I do remember seeing him once in a place I used to go to and thinking, ‘God, what an idiot.’ And all he was doing was walking around.” About the genesis of the musical, she explains that a producer first approached her with the idea more than a decade ago, “but then that script was terrible.” It has taken years to develop the show, and she is still working with its writers to get the script right. “I want it to be honest and right and funny and sad, like my life.” While you might guess a personality as strong as Cher would suck the oxygen out of any room, her physical presence—we are now in a small den on the second floor of her suite, sitting alone on a leather couch next to a grand piano—is quiet, still, calm, even delicate.The word vulnerable also comes to mind, yet does not feel quite right, since it is so often taken to mean “weak.” It’s rather that Cher is open and listening, and thus exposed.But have you ever considered the totality of Cher—not just the celestial body herself, and not just the epic arc she has traveled, but the sheer range of stellar explosions she has undergone? She became famous as half of Sonny and Cher in 1965, at the age of 19.They sold millions of records, morphed into a lounge act, then drew more than 30 million viewers a week on their hit show, .

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