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“They both agreed Ali should go on the show to chase her dreams of fame,” the friend explains.However, despite being tipped to win Tim’s heart, Ali was sent home, and wasted no time getting back in touch with Steve.Now, just days after the finale aired across the country, New Idea can exclusively reveal the salacious details behind Ali’s secret affair with her exboyfriend’s brother and how it tore the siblings apart.According to a close friend, Dave Waldeck and his older brother Steve stopped talking for three years after Steve, who dated Ali first in 2013, found out the blonde bombshell was sleeping with his younger brother Dave behind his back.Dave and Ali began a secret relationship, before making it public weeks later. He knew Ali was just doing it to get back at him and he didn’t want his little brother caught in the crossfire.” But after some heated arguments, Dave said it was too late and that he loved Ali – and after 18 months he popped the question.

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er past relationships have been making headlines ever since Ali Oetjen was announced as the Bachelorette.There’s no faking the obvious love between Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley – when you meet them in person, they’re unmistakably a young couple very much in love. “I actually don’t know how people would think that,” says 28-year-old banker and personal trainer, Radley, who is speaking to WHO from his inner-Melbourne home – a home that’s just expanded to accommodate Oetjen, who moved in a little over a month ago from her base in Adelaide.There’s the sweet asides to one another, the sideways glances, the sneaky kisses … “We were over the moon to be with each other [after the show finished], so it really didn’t faze us,” Oetjen, 32, adds.They were all really beautiful and realised who I was as a person that way."It made me think twice about the future and realise that I can't trust everyone," she says."I don't regret Paradise, because it was beautiful, but it's a different world once you get out.""I'm just a normal girl who's grown up with Disney movies and is close to my family," she explains.

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