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The information presented here is an on-going exercise and, as such, is subject to amendments and extensions.

It has been collated from a number of sources including discussions with Hank, various published interviews with Hank and other members of The Shadows, photographic and video evidence, discussions on the various Shadows chat sites and private communications.

Core Elv UI now v3.551 [June 6th, 2019] Fixes: - Fixed tooltip issues with deconstruct button. v3.55 [May 31st, 2019] Changes: - Toggle Config and Toggle Config Mode was renamed, this fixes the calls to those functions v3.54 [May 16th, 2019] Fixes: - Fixed coloring for quest log underlines - Fixed wrong raid progress tooltipp Changes: - Sort of support for changes in Elv UI 11.11 v3.53 [April 7th, 2019] Fixes: - Fixed applying layout reseting nameplates again - Fixed M banner not disappearing when corresponding option is enabled.

Statusbar skin and affix style comming at later date.

Originally this project started as two personal edits of Elv UI by Darth Predator and I (Repooc).

the Burns Double Six, Fender Bass VI), there is no definitive way of knowing, particularly in the transition periods, and so I have largely refrained from such speculation.

It should be [nogroup] hide; show Changes: - Moving chat datapanels down is still off by default. I want default looks of s&l be as close to original Elv UI as possible. Option to enbale that back is under /ec - S&L - Modules - Datatext - Override Chat DT Panels - Added Wardrobe Frame to the list of stuff you can move around v3.52 [March 12th, 2019] Version for patch 8.1.5 and Elv UI v11.

Please do not update to this version if it is tuesday and you play on EU. Added LFR tracking options for Dazar'Alor and Crucible of Storms.

He has certainly played many, many more instruments than listed here, particularly after The Shadows early period, and it would be almost impossible to try for a complete list.

In particular, I have focussed on those known to have been used either in recording or in concert, and so many of the Fender Custom Shop Hank Marvin "signature" guitars, including those released as the 25th and 40th, anniversary models are not yet included, even though Hank may have played a role in the development of some of them.

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