White boy beaten for dating black girl Chat with black bull

“It was awful,” says Wells, “but I thought—as every white privileged parent wants to think—maybe this is an isolated incident.” As events quickly proved, it was not.

Robyn Wells believed she went into the adoption of her Ethiopian son with eyes wide open.He even once threatened to kill Foster and her three children “if I ever spoke to a person of color,” she told the newspaper. “He’s a true definition of evil.” Foster said Kidwell has long targeted people based on the color of their skin, pretending to be friends with them before causing harm.In 2011, Kidwell was charged with second-degree assault for hitting a black woman on the head with a hammer as she slept.He then sexually assaulted her, according to police records.Kidwell later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison, court records show.

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