Wheelchair dating website

This could be your prostate or nipples, or it may be that you need to find your own erogenous zones.

Specialist vibrators for different areas are widely available.

If you don’t want to focus on wheelchair-specific sites, see Disability Horizons’ article on the top disability dating sites. If you’d rather meet someone offline and you’ve had no luck at clubs and bars, or find them too inaccessible, look to see if there are any local groups or forums, either disability-specific or for anyone.

Plan in time to do this and who will help you – your PA or partner. If you’ll need positioning in bed, talk about how would be best to do this. If you get a sore, make sure it’s properly tended to and dressed to help minimise it. It might be that having a suprapubic catheter enables your life to become far more fulfilling.On a first date (or any date for that matter) you don’t want to have to struggle to get into the building or find it awkward to get to the toilet. There’s no point putting yourself in a difficult situation – first dates can be nerve-wracking enough! If your date also has access requirements, work together to decide what would suit you both best. If your date isn’t a wheelchair user, it might be worth choosing a dating activity that means you will be at the same eye level, especially if it’s your first.For example, you could have a drink or dinner, or go to the cinema where there is wheelchair-accessible space next to an additional seat. Think about what assistance you’ll need on the date.Whether you’re full-time wheelchair user with upper body movement and strength, or are paralysed from the neck down, keep reading for advice on looking for romance, sexual pleasure and relationships.Everyone is different, as are people’s disabilities.

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