What is a normal age for kids to start dating

In my opinion, not allowing an open and ongoing conversation about makeup and beauty can hold your child back from their creativity, embracing their inner-beauty, and understanding the pitfalls of society’s beauty-norms.Encourage your kids’ independence and creativity by being part of their makeup journey.Kids under 13 years old aren’t prone to moderation, and they can develop a bad reaction to the harsh chemicals found in makeup.It’s a good idea, however, to let them experiment with cosmetics at home and under supervision.Teach them that less is more, and that makeup should be used to enhance their existing beauty – not cover it up!Start with a little lipgloss, and maybe some blush.Luckily, my sister was a chemist so she also talked to me about harsh chemicals and what they could do to my skin.Looking back, I wish I could have come to my mother and bonded with her over girly things like wearing makeup.

But if you’re really struggling to come to a decision, here are some general guidelines – purely based on my opinion: Most children this age may not be mature enough to be trusted with wearing makeup outside the house.Pull up some youtube tutorials and try out a few natural looks for school. A good brand to start out with is the popular drugstore brand, E. F., whose products are both wildly affordable as well as effective.For tweens battling acne, try Neutrogena Skinclearing Blemish Concealer.But, I knew it wasn’t a subject that I could bring up with my parents, who never did much to encourage my creativity at that age.They wanted me to be focused on academics – not that I blamed them.

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