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Of men who had previously texted their business to a woman they met online, 90% said they would not do so knowing they could get peer reviewed, according to Lerner.The Grade, using peer review and other factors, has kicked off 1,500 people for falling below its standards.“What is more frustrating than meeting someone on a dating site and finding out they're in a relationship? There's nothing you've ever been able to do about that up until this point.”Lerner cited a number of statistics -- based on The Grade’s own research -- meant to support his claim.

I've been on the site off and on for years and never had a problem.

It’ll ask each person individually if they ended up going out with that match and whether that person is the “type of person they’d like to see again.” That response is then used to further hone Hinge’s matching algorithm.

(It also remains confidential.) The feature works similarly to Hinge’s “Most Compatible” feature by relying on other users’ feedback and similarities to make suggestions.

Peer review grades, he added, only post if a number of people have rated you.

That said, you can submit a peer review without even matching with someone, and most of the grades on The Grade follow a familiar pattern: people perceived as good-looking get the As, folks perceived as unattractive get Fs, and the people in between get Bs and Cs.

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