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Players can choose to fight by foot with by pistol, rifle, rocket launchers, grenades, mines, and knives, by ground vehicles such as a 4x4 jeep with Turrent that can hold 3 people; at the driver's seat in which the player in it drives the car, at the Turrent in which the player shoots within 180 degrees, and at the seat next to the driver's seat, and a tank, which holds 2 people; the driver that can shoot from the tank, and the person that uses ground weapons on the top hatch.

You can also play by air with the Warhawk (Eucadian) and the Nemesis (Chernovan).

Warhawk takes aim and selects up to three locations before firing a missile to each marked spot, dealing damage on impact and scorching the ground.

Enemy heroes standing in scorched areas take damage over time and are slowed. Summer Party Gwen is making a splash, so hop in the pool and cool off with this sweet summer skin!

There are 6 separate game modes: Warhawk-Behind The Scenes (2007) HD If you go to the game's main menu and selected Bonus Movies, there is a list and the video's name is "Warhawk-Behind the Scenes". The game was first publicly announced in May 2005 and displayed at E3 in 2006.

Warhawk was originally to be developed as a both single player and multiplayer game, but single player option was cancelled during its development in February 2007 due to the inferiority of quality compared to multiplayer play.

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Version 1.4 added Hero and Collection modes, in addition to Quick Join in which players are automatically joined to a server based on their preferences and profile.

He excels at controlling large areas using his Vacuum Grenade and Mightiest Barrage and can easily get himself out of trouble if enemies don’t CC him down.

Get ready to zone the enemy and rule the map with this tiny but mighty Bleekos badboy.

In 2009, tens of thousands play ranked & unranked games regularly. As noted by IGN.com, even quite a while after it debuted, Warhawk is one of the few online console games that still has many people playing it.

In their words: "Warhawk is an exquisitely balanced, insanely fun game that works on multiple scales simultaneously.

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