Validating a nursing research survey

Revisions were made based on that experience and feedback from content experts and this questionnaire was then piloted in another sample of French-speaking respondents.

Results: The novel questionnaire was divided into 2 parts, the first part focusing on ACP activities before admission to hospital (6 questions) and the second part relating to ‘goals of care’ discussions that occur during hospitalization (8 questions).

To further minimize the overall burden of the study to the patients and to gain a different perspective on the evaluation of the questionnaire, acceptability was assessed by the study nurses after the interview and thus, the results reflect their assessment of the clarity, sensibility, and acceptability of the questionnaire in a French-speaking population.Methods: To develop the ACP-specific questionnaire, items were generated from focus groups with health care professionals and face-to-face interviews withhospitalized patients and their families.The items from this novel questionnaire were combined with other validated evaluation instruments and then piloted in English-speaking hospitalized patients who had advanced, life-limiting illnesses and a version for their family members.From direct interviews with the patient and/or family member, and chart abstraction, we captured standard baseline demographics including a brief frailty scale [13], numbers of co-morbid illnesses, and other key demographic information related to preferences for care. For this study, we enrolled patients who were at high risk of dying and/or their family members (where available), and thus for whom ACP is highly relevant.We define ’high risk’ according to the following criteria:55 years or older with one or more of the following diagnoses: - confirmed by imaging studies or documentation of esophageal varices and one of three conditions: a) hepatic coma, b) Child’s class C liver disease, or c) Child’s class B liver disease with gastrointestinal bleeding. Any patient 80 years of age or older admitted to hospital from the community because of an acute medical or surgical condition.

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