Updating steam extracting package

The Steam client is solely responsible for managing software installation and updates.

This prevents Portage from managing the Steam client updates or the software installed by it.

Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and community features such as friends lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and chat functionality. dev-libs/glib:2 dev-libs/libgcrypt dev-libs/nspr dev-libs/nss gnome-base/gconf gnome-extra/zenity media-libs/alsa-lib media-libs/fontconfig media-libs/freetype:2 media-libs/libjpeg-turbo media-libs/libogg media-libs/libpng:1.2 media-libs/libsdl media-libs/libtheora media-libs/libvorbis media-libs/openal net-misc/curl net-print/cups sys-apps/dbus virtual/libusb:1 virtual/opengl x11-libs/cairo x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf x11-libs/gtk :2 x11-libs/lib X11 x11-libs/lib XScrn Saver x11-libs/lib Xext x11-libs/lib Xfixes x11-libs/lib Xi x11-libs/lib Xrandr x11-libs/lib Xrender x11-libs/pango x11-libs/pixman # optional media-sound/pulseaudio net-misc/networkmanager x11-misc/xdg-user-dirsapp-arch/bzip2 abi_x86_32 dev-db/sqlite abi_x86_32 dev-libs/atk abi_x86_32 dev-libs/expat abi_x86_32 dev-libs/fribidi abi_x86_32 dev-libs/glib abi_x86_32 dev-libs/gmp abi_x86_32 dev-libs/icu abi_x86_32 dev-libs/libcroco abi_x86_32 dev-libs/libffi abi_x86_32 dev-libs/libpcre abi_x86_32 dev-libs/libpthread-stubs abi_x86_32 dev-libs/libtasn1 abi_x86_32 dev-libs/libunistring abi_x86_32 dev-libs/libxml2 abi_x86_32 dev-libs/lzo abi_x86_32 dev-libs/nettle abi_x86_32 dev-libs/nspr abi_x86_32 dev-libs/nss abi_x86_32 dev-libs/openssl abi_x86_32 dev-libs/wayland abi_x86_32 dev-util/pkgconfig abi_x86_32 gnome-base/librsvg abi_x86_32 media-gfx/graphite2 abi_x86_32 media-libs/fontconfig abi_x86_32 media-libs/freetype abi_x86_32 media-libs/harfbuzz abi_x86_32 media-libs/libpng abi_x86_32 media-libs/mesa abi_x86_32 media-libs/openal abi_x86_32 media-libs/tiff abi_x86_32 net-dns/libidn2 abi_x86_32 net-libs/gnutls abi_x86_32 net-misc/curl abi_x86_32 net-nds/openldap abi_x86_32 net-print/cups abi_x86_32 sys-apps/attr abi_x86_32 sys-apps/dbus abi_x86_32 sys-apps/util-linux abi_x86_32 sys-devel/gettext abi_x86_32 sys-devel/llvm abi_x86_32 sys-fs/udev abi_x86_32 sys-libs/binutils-libs abi_x86_32 sys-libs/gpm abi_x86_32 sys-libs/ncurses abi_x86_32 sys-libs/readline abi_x86_32 sys-libs/zlib abi_x86_32 virtual/libffi abi_x86_32 virtual/libiconv abi_x86_32 virtual/libudev abi_x86_32 virtual/pkgconfig abi_x86_32 x11-libs/cairo abi_x86_32 x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf abi_x86_32 x11-libs/gtk :2 abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib X11 abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib XScrn Saver abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xau abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xcomposite abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xcursor abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xdamage abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xdmcp abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xext abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xfixes abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xft abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xi abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xinerama abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xrandr abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xrender abi_x86_32 x11-libs/lib Xxf86vm abi_x86_32 x11-libs/libdrm abi_x86_32 x11-libs/libpciaccess abi_x86_32 x11-libs/libxcb abi_x86_32 x11-libs/libxshmfence abi_x86_32 x11-libs/pango abi_x86_32 x11-libs/pixman abi_x86_32 x11-proto/damageproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/dri2proto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/dri3proto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/fixesproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/glproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/inputproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/kbproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/presentproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/xcb-proto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/xextproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/xf86bigfontproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/xf86driproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/xf86vidmodeproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/xproto abi_x86_32 # If not using systemd add this, otherwise chances are the libudev/udev will # be pulled as dependencies and eudev removed from your system.

sys-fs/eudev abi_x86_32 Note Steam officially supports only the most recent version of Ubuntu LTS.

In other words, my computer BSOD'd while Steam was sitting there running in the background in the System Notification Area.

This validation, I concluded, was just a sanity check to be sure that the unexpected killing of Steam didn't corrupt any of its files.

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