Updating satellite orbit data

With the hand-off, the name of the satellite changed from the Landsat Data Continuity Mission to Landsat 8.

The transition followed a 100-day commissioning period during which NASA and the USGS systematically checked out all of the spacecraft and ground subsystems and raised the satellite to its operational orbit at 438 miles (705 kilometers) altitude.

There are more than 8000 objects in orbit now, including operational, non-operational, rocket bodies, and debris.

They are orbiting at an altitude from 150, up to several thousands kilometers.

For more than ten years people have been able to track satellites on a computer using satellite tracking software like Orbitron.

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This page lists the status of current and future satellites contributing to the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS).

The burn also boosted the satellite as part of a planned atmospheric drag make-up maneuver.

Afterward, the spacecraft safely returned to Earth-observing mode.

Other important things include making your predictions as close to real time as possible by using time synchronization, and the precise coordinates of your location.

You must remember that TLE data for an object that has maneuvered since the last elset is no longer any good. One might want to observe (even with the naked eye) ISS passing over their home or brilliant Iridium flares.

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