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The majority of medical assistants are paid an hourly wage and the exact amount of income will depend on variables such as type of training, length of experience, geographic location and practice setting.Those holding a current Registered Medical Assistant credential have the potential to earn a higher salary than those without any form of certification.Medical assistant employment is predicted to increase by 29 percent between 20, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.In 2012 over 50 percent of medical assistants had jobs in physicians’ offices.The average annual salary range for medical assistants nationally is between ,080 to ,570, with the median pay being ,370.These figures are based on 2012 statistics from the AMT.There are a number of professional associations that offer certification opportunities.The American Association of Medical Assistants, also known by the abbreviation AAMA, awards the title of Certified Medical Assistant, CMA (AAMA) to those who successfully pass its examination.

Practices are increasingly hiring medical assistants instead of nurses to carry out routine clinical and administrative duties, which gives nurses more time to focus directly on patient care.

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The abilities to think quickly, solve problems and remain calm under pressure are crucial.

In addition to having these characteristics, campus-based or online medical assistant programs provide training in the clerical and clinical skills required for the role.

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