Updating php linux

Login as root and update your Ubuntu system first Curl is the backbone of internet data transfer for thousands of software applications using a myriad of protocols.Being free and open source has enabled many contributors to work on the curl project and continually come up with newer and improved versions.This is handy if you use some custom scripts you’d like to keep automatically updated.If you run Arch, Topgrade is available via the AUR package.This is far from everything, but it should give you an idea. Flatpaks: The Differences and Which One You Should Use Topgrade can also upgrade a large portion of your configuration files.It will upgrade your Vim or Neovim configuration if you use Neo Bundle, Vundle, Plug, or Dein.

You can also add custom commands for Topgrade to run while upgrading.Then you’d install it and marvel at the upgraded software.Package management systems have made this easy, but they can’t update every part of your system.Also as of July 2016, Amazon officially added PHP7 to its repository so you can install it using .So first thing I did was create a backup image of my EC2 instance before I went on with the upgrade.

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