Updating my address book e mail

CLAS users receive email from many sources, and addressed to a variety of different email addresses which all converge on your account.Most every CLAS user is automatically subscribed to at least one list when their account is created.

To make an Email/URL selection On Email/URL Selection When you enter a new email/URL address, you must associate it with a valid Address Book Number and Who's Who number related to the Address Book Number.

Any changes will automatically be updated in Postbox.

Within the Address Book, you can create new contacts by clicking the New Card button in the toolbar, and fill in the information into the appropriate fields.

Your ability to send emails and access URLs and documents depends on the setting of the Emulator Type field in your User Preferences (P00923), whether you use Client Access (green screens) or Web Enablement (HTML), and the program that you use: When the Email/URL Selection screen displays, the Address Number field is blank and the balance of the fields in the header include an asterisk.

You can click Enter to display all records or complete the fields to locate a specific Address Book record.

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