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It is configured by the parameter rdisp/wp_no_vb V2-: It is used to handle non-time critical updates (requests).

It is configured by the parameter rdisp/wp_no_vb2 If VB2 work processes are not configured these tasks are dealt with V1 work process.

In other words the data in table1 was written using one charset, and the new table has a slightly different charset.

If this is true, you have to find the source of the oddball charset.

PROCESS FLOW-: VBHDR-: Update Header VBDATA-: Update Data VBMOD-: Update Modules VBERROR-: Update Errors And once it is committed then however the task to update which can be displayed SM13 5.Example-: A sales document that is created in VA01 is updated into more than 140 tables. Updates records are released from SM13 When the records are committed by the dialog process the records are displayed in SM13 with STATUS “INIT” Update Process Deactivation-: Whenever there is a problem with database like (table space overflow, archive stuck) then the updates hangs, to avoid this situation set the update to deactivate using parameter.rdisp/vb_stop_active = 0 UPDATE ERROR and ISSUES 1. Check whether right KERNEL version is deployed (if required roll back KERNEL). Update is terminated due to an error (if the error is resolved it will restart with status “AUTO”).Update process stuck the entire system The user requests are handles by Dialog process and handover the updates to update process.If updates are slow/deactivated/issue with database then all updates hangs subsequently the entire system hangs.

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