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If there is an error on the DVR, you should contact your servicing Military Personnel Section for assistance.

The MPS will update the Military Personnel Data System with the correct information.

Data reflected on the DVR should not be confused with the data verification brief or a Single Unit Retrieval Format (SURF) because the data on the DVR is from the Weighted Airman Promotion System record and reflects data that is effective as of the promotion eligibility cutoff date (PECD).3.

Your education data will list up to three degrees and/or certifications.

Under this condition, i PERMS does not receive the batch for processing.

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Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out what the new ASCO (assignment codes) mean on the bottom of ERBs.

This information is based on your education data contained in the Military Personnel Data System (Mil PDS).

For Airmen with more than three degrees and/or certifications, you may choose what data is displayed on your brief.

EPRs are then validated by the Air Force’s Personnel Center to ensure there are no over-allocations of promotion recommendations and processed into the official record.

Any data updated in MILPDS after July 24 will not reflect on your Data Verification Record for the 19E5 promotion cycle.

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