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Additionally, it will allow any active connection (whether static or dynamic) to remain active on the device when carrier is lost. INFO logs various informational messages that are useful for tracking state and operations.

May have the special value * to apply to all devices. Network Manager will update to reflect the nameservers provided by currently active connections. This value will be combined with the environment variable NM_DEBUG. DEBUG enables verbose logging for debugging purposes.

Each key-value pair must be contained in a section.

For keys that take a list of devices as their value, you can specify devices by their MAC addresses or interface names, or "*" to specify all devices.

When multiple plugins are specified, the connections are read from all listed plugins.

When writing connections, the plugins will be asked to save the connection in the order listed here; if the first plugin cannot write out that connection type (or can't write out any connections) the next plugin is tried, etc.

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If this key is missing, available DHCP clients are looked for in this order: dhclient, dhcpcd.

Lines beginning with a '#' and blank lines are considered comments.

Sections are started by a header line containing the section enclosed in '[' and ']', and ended implicitly by the start of the next section or the end of the file.

Normally, for device types that support carrier-detect, such as Ethernet and Infini Band, Network Manager will only allow a connection to be activated on the device if carrier is present (ie, a cable is plugged in), and it will deactivate the device if carrier drops for more than a few seconds.

Listing a device here will allow activating connections on that device even when it does not have carrier, provided that the connection uses only statically-configured IP addresses.

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