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Since Cisco announced an intention to unify software version across routing and switch platforms, we have already seen the first software release of Denali 16.1 on Cisco IOS XE switches. Make sure the file is being referenced in bootflash: and NOT flash:.

Subsequently, Cisco has also released the first common software version between router and switch with Denali 16.2.1. Reload the router afterwards Lab Minutes# Chassis model ISR4321/K9 has a single rom-monitor.

If you have an existing IOS XE router, follow these steps to install the XE SD-WAN software: If your IOS-XE router is connected to a DHCP server, Pn P runs automatically and v Manage NMS automatically configures the device after the control connections are up.

To verify that the control connections are up and the device is validated, enter the following command at the system prompt: PEER PEER PEER SITE DOMAIN PEER PEER PRIV PEER PEER PUB TYPE PORT SYSTEM IP ID ID PRIVATE IP PORT PUBLIC IP PORT LOCAL COLOR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- vsmart dtls 10 1 12346 12346 biz-internet vbond dtls - 0 0 12346 12346 biz-internet vmanage dtls 10 0 12346 12346 biz-internet CONTROLLER GROUP PROXY STATE UPTIME ID ------------------------------------ up :40 0 up :45 0 up :38 0 This section describes how to upgrade or downgrade the ROM monitor (ROMmon) version that is running on a device.

Find the recommended Cisco IOS and download it to your pc then move the file onto the TFTP server; (It has a small star icon next to version number) Time to copy the new IOS to the router’s boot flash!

Please follow the instructions below: boot-end-marker R2#wr R2#reload; Alright!

Now we have successfully updated the Cisco router IOS Software!

Incorporate new features: Unless an update is simply a bug fix, every new release of the Cisco IOS includes new features.

Upgrading your routers and switches in a timely manner means you'll have more features to potentially make your job easier.

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