Updating blackberry weather app

Hunting down the best Black Berry 10 apps can be a real chore and Black Berry World is far from the most user friendly app store.

Don’t worry because we’ve started on a new roundup of the must-have BB10 apps that you’ll want to install on your shiny new Z10 today.

It’s a visually stunning galaxy of tweets that highlights links between trending Twitter hashtags.

You can select a subject you’re interested in and then connect related hashtags to create your own particle storm of interesting tweets.

And rest assured, we’ll continue to update this list of Black Berry 10 apps as great new apps are released.

We’ve discussed the Popcornflix movie-streaming service before here at DT, but now it has a BB10 app.

There’s definitely a novelty element to it, but for Twitter power users, it could also serve as a useful big picture view.

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Software updates are free, are performed over the air, over a Wi-Fi® or cellular connection, and take approximately 15 minutes to complete.We’ve got Black Berry 10 apps covering music, sports, weather, and a whole lot more. Read our Best Black Berry apps and Best Black Berry games roundups.We’ve also got the Best i Phone apps, Best Android apps.There are various photo editing filters to experiment with and you can display them in real-time on your camera feed.It’s very accessible and a lot of fun to play with.

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