Updating alienware 7700 bios updating windows xp video card

There's no driver support for approximately 4 hardware devices.

This includes the card reader, and the 3 unknown devices listed under Installing Windows 7.

(Plus cleaned out the inside of the laptop)A1) Did the seller indicate what the problem might be, or was it sold as a laptop for parts? Also would like full model number off of the bottom of the laptop.(Not the S/N. ONLY give out to an authorized Dell agent, or repair shop )Post back in a Comment. System Restore And Recovery Is Not For Wimps The process for the Alienware Aurora M7700 is definitely not for beginners.

Don't worry, system restore does not destroy your data, documents, music, pictures, videos or programs.

Instead, restore involves a complete Windows XP Home reinstall "from scratch." Likewise, the drivers don't reside on the Master CD as described in the documentation. During the driver installation phase, it's irritating to get no progress report on individual drivers, perhaps by way of a simple progress bar.

Also irksome, the system reboots automatically after the installation of each individual driver.

As of 2012-09-07, it's available for 5 here on e Bay.

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Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer Click Have Disk Select the display driver path, example C:\NVIDIA\Display Driver5.73\Win Vista_Win7\English\Display.

With the n Vidia 295.73 drivers, I'm getting better performance on Windows 7 with a score of 4.1, the original score for the 6800 Ultra was a feeble 1.0.

To install the n Vidia drivers, execute the n Vidia driver installer.

This was done, in all likelihood, without your knowledge.

Find the touchpad in the Device manager (I'm guessing you know your way around a computer) and look at the properties.

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