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Unfortunately, as the coolant ages, many of its protective properties are lost, leaving your engine and cooling system susceptible to corrosion.

Engine coolant is an often overlooked maintenance item that can lead to costly repairs if not regularly serviced.

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Tanks are CNC laser cut, bent and fabricated with billet aluminum fittings.

The core features two rows of 1-1/4” wide tubes utilizing ideal fin density with louvered fins for optimal cooling capacity furnace brazed to the headers.

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Your engine bay will be less cluttered, simplified and there is less risk of engine damage due to due to air pockets inherent to the complexity and design flaws of the earlier systems.

Additionally, the freeze protection of the coolant will be reduced if the mixing ratio has changed over the coolant's service life.

A biennial coolant flush can ensure that the engine and cooling system components have adequate freeze and corrosion protection.

Modern coolants have a variety of additives that help keep the engine cool via heat transfer, prevent freezing during cold winter months, and protect the cooling system from rust and corrosion.

Most coolants have a service life of 50,000 to 100,000 miles, or every two to three years.

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