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That fluid leaking out is going to leak into the actual plural space.That's what we talk about in a plural effusion.Tests on the fluid will be done to look for: Removing the fluid (thoracentesis) may be done if there is a lot of fluid and it is causing chest pressure, shortness of breath, or a low oxygen level. Removing the fluid allows the lung to expand, making breathing easier.

This is the thin tissue that lines the chest cavity and surrounds the lungs.Let me just change my colors so we can see that we're talking about fluid.It's going to cause the fluid to actually shift out in between my endothelial cells outside of the actual vessels, so i'm going to have fluid shift out.Then that blue fuzz, that's going to be our actual fluid.In a normal vessel, this is normal, everything is pretty much even, it's equal, we don't have any fluid that's leaking out of the vessels, we don't have anything that's coming in that shouldn't be, this is our normal representation.

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