Toll telephone dating services

Teligence provides local connections across North America.

Each month more than 2 million people make over 16 million calls using our services to connect with people.

Clarke, Colleen On Phone To Okcupid Service Called 646-365-3070 and 646-216-8762, I cannot open my account for weeks now. I want access to it please send response to this adress. And this is why i do not buy the services as I can not reach anyone from the company, to response any question. This is a serious matter and is being investigated by the F. I have wrote in the complaint for the pass few days regarding this matters, but I have received no reply. It says that master robot had melt down to attempt later. 000 people on line now I would appreciate your help in this matter Thank you.

To claim your free chat line trial, all you have to do is CALL.

Vinny On Phone To Okcupid Service I have just seen that my complaint which I posted on the 8th of November is STILL up on your site, I asked that you eliminate that notice as you had the temerity to post my telephone number. Do you not read your complaints, I want my number liquidated. I have registered a account with your dating site twice. Lavinia Schlebusch On Phone To Okcupid Service Please eliminate the photo of me and my compliant from your site, forthwith I didn’t get a response from you after I reported the scam artist that scammed me and now if I do a Google search on my name I see I see I am mentioned in your complaints page. Your dating site is very poor on security for people using Army employee identity theft is against the law. So what I’m telling your site is not good at all, I do not feel like this is a safe site. Since i do not have your service any longer and cancelled it several months ago i would like the service fee returned. E N On Phone To Okcupid Service My username on your site is saltwaterman15.

Amber On Phone To Okcupid Service Hi, I like to rise up a complaint. 99 only purchased the rest i need refunded back to my account asap. Monica Jennings On Phone To Okcupid Service I have sent a duo of complaint to your company about someone are using Army Military Boys profiles and picture, and I never got a react back from anyone. Major the person using his picture and a email address had me fooled, but I didn’t give any information to him. Last week your company withdrew another years fee from me causing several checks to bounce.

70 instead which is not what i wished to purchase i would like the amount of Nineteen. I met my current gf there and we both cancelled out our services.

It says ” technical difficulties”, but a Google search told me that, this is one way of blocking account. please fix asap, i will ask a lawyer about okcupid providing out my information, and for ruining my relationship with a person who now think i live in ga. 99 one month only subscription and it charged me on my visa debit card for the total 12 months in the amount of . Scott Bryant On Phone To Okcupid Service I used your service from November of 2013 until spring of 2014 and loved it.

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