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Try 1/2 cup straight bleach let it sit overnight in the drains. I explained that we verified they were in the toilet because we've been covering the toilet bowl with saran wrap 24/7 and we can see them coming out from under the rim. If the bowl is covered they are in the rim or are traveling down the overflow. It will have more water volume in the rim during the flush. Pour some 50/50 solution down the overflow tube as well. Hold the flapper open and dump the water in the tank. Yes, I've been doing the 50/50 bleach and water down the over flow tube a couple times a day now, leaving the saran wrap over the bowl all the time, and it kills them, but they still keep showing up.

We see nothing, tank is clean clear water as is the bowl.

This bathroom is spotless and we have no problems with leaks or water or anything like that, so where on earth are they breeding and then showing up under the rims and into the toilet bowl?

I assumed they were coming from the shower drain, so for the last two weeks I've been treating the shower and sink drains and we were still seeing them.

My husband noticed one day a few sitting on the edge of the toilet rim, said they must be coming from there.

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