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A look under the bonnet All online dating services are underpinned by data, with the most accurate matchmaking sites are managing and organising that data using a special back-end technology called a ‘graph database’.

Graph databases differ from relational databases – which supply the majority of business databases – in that they specialise in identifying relationships between multiple data points.

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This makes criteria connections between people, preferences and personal profiles, for example, much faster and easier to spot. But graph databases are applicable to far more firms than just a or a Google.While the market in Asia and Africa is booming with the increase in internet penetration, and the young population’s need for better ways of finding suitable matrimonial matches.This need was also the driving motivation behind Harmonica’s establishment and growth.The recent exit of Egypt’s Harmonica, an Arabic-language based matchmaking website, through the acquisition by Match Group, the online dating giant, indicates a developing interest in tapping into the growing market of Asia and Africa.Match Group has been keeping its acquisition details private, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the details of Harmonica’s acquisition were not disclosed.

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