The villa dating show ali al salem dating

will be hosted by Arielle Vandenberg and dumps 11 singles on tropical island with the goal of sticking around to the end of the summer to find love and win cash.

Each week “Islanders” will need to pair up with someone else on the show, anyone not in a pair will run the risk of being sent home from and eliminated from the game.

The couples all sleep together in a massive room full of beds. The cast will spend all their time at a breathtaking villa in Fiji. So while they may not be romantically interested in each other, contestants who want to stay in the villa and will do whatever it takes to hang in there including coupling up with someone they don't like. That means they can't text, tweet, use Instagram, or even call their mom."It's attracted a considerable amount of interest and is representative of the reason we're so keen on bringing in more international shows."Our audience craves reality, and in most cases, these are brand new series for them.CBS viewers get to pick the winning couples which also means the couple that gets the cash prize. Islanders can also leave the show of their own free will rather than have no one to couple with and kicked off.Plus, sometimes contestants just can't handle the heat.

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