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The copies must be annotated “authenticated copy” and be stamped, signed and dated by the V club signatory preferably on the front of the document taking care not to obscure any vehicle details.

The authenticated copies should be submitted with a stamped and approved V application.

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See more This lovely Triumph Stag, If you’re thinking of buying one, then their advice is priceless The TR3OC was established in , and caters for all BSA and Triumph triple engined road and race machines manufactured between and , plus specials and race bikes that are clearly related to the original machines.

Autumn and winter can get a bit depressing, especially when you put the clocks back eagerly awaiting Spring time and the start of the Club events calendar.

The Cheshire and Staffs area seem to be getting out and about as they increase attendances and The Hull and East Riding area have a run planned for November.dating certificate from the TOMCC for my Triumph Bonneville TR it arrived today.

The club takes pride in encouraging members to ride and participate in rallies, runs, local meetings, and other charitable events, with the Beezumph Rally being the highlight of the club’s annual calendar.

Talking of calendars, the club has produced an excellent calendar, where machines and various models display the flavour of the Triple’s best attributes, available from

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