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That’s because the dating site uses older rendering software that does not recognize the rotate instruction. He may be a hunk, but I have much more going on upstairs, if you know what I mean!

For this reason, I would give George a break (even though a sideways photo is one my pet peeves too! Since cameras and PCs are not his thing, it can be tricky to realize that he needed to use the older method of rotating, which actually rotates and re-writes the image, rather than adding a rotate tag. Things don’t really get better, because if you use an older process to truly rotate the image, it is likely to leave the embedded tag which tells newer devices to apply an additional rotation. 😉 Check out my dating site profile and my upright photos. You are sure to be impressed by my intellect, eclectic wit, charm, wry sarcasm and incredible modesty. George is still with Amal, and he is still angry with me.

I read about your break-up with Amal, and I just want to hold you to my breast and comfort you. If you can’t figure out how to make a sideways pic of yourself upright, then we are not a good match. (I grabbed George’s laptop PC, and wrote this note back to the object of his lust)…

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Even before he reached out to any of the beautiful, eligible women at Itallian Stallions.com, he had caught the eye of Sheryl411. But, sadly, her note to George was an unsolicited rejection letter: Dear ‘Clooney-Actor-Hunk’, I am fascinated by your wit and words—and I love your movies. But Sheryl has a shorter tolerance for techno-averse actors than they do for figuring out how to rotate a photo. In response, I am sharing with readers my reply to Sheryl.

It is, in fact, a tricky problem, because with some phones & cameras, the rotate-feature does not really rotate the image data.

It only adds a tag that tells the display device that it should be rotated (90, 180 or 270 degrees).

In my opinion, the sideways photo broadcasts a not-too-subtle message—It says that the person seeking companionship is a Luddite, rather than America’s premier hunk.

George’s character in the film Up in the Air was ruthless, but had so much more common sense.

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