Sweet dee is dating a retarded person quotes

Kevin Gallagher aka Lil' Kevin (portrayed by Kyle Davis) is a rapper who dated Dee Reynolds in season 3.Dennis and Kevin went to the same elementary school together and Dennis tells Dee that Kevin is retarded."The Aluminum Monster""Dee""Sweet Dee""Pathetic Girl43""Martina Martinez""Big / Giant (flightless) Bird""Bony American""Dirty, Dirty Whore""The Useless Chick""Witch. With a cat(in the wall)""Adelphia""Bison Fingers""Mr. Covington" "Inflatable Dancing Thing""Grobanite""Mr. Magoo""Sexy Angel""Hideous Delight""The most irresponsible person on the planet""Foot Girl""Terrible Breath""Giant Paws""Gangly Uncoordinated Bitch""Drunk, Punchy Whore""Psycho Clown""Zinging Cutie23"Dennis Reynolds (younger twin brother)Frank Reynolds (step/adopted father)Barbara Reynolds (mother; deceased)Pop-Pop (grandfather)Bruce Mathis (biological father)Donna (aunt)Max (uncle; deceased)Gail the Snail (cousin)Charlie Kelly (possible step-brother)Brian Jr.(nephew)"Steven" (dildo)Trey (underage boy)Rickety Cricket (teasing)Lil' Kev (ex-boyfriend)Rex (sex-toy)Brad Fisher (trick-fiance)Ben Smith (ex-boyfriend)Bill Ponderosa (ex-lover)Charlie Kelly (sexual/possible romantic involvement) Deandra "Dee" Reynolds (aka: Sweet Dee) is the bartender at Paddy's Pub.After flunking out of the University of Pennsylvania, where she had intended to major in psychology, Deandra decided to become an actress.("You gotta take it one step at a time when you want to be an actor") However, she has put little effort into realizing her ambition and has never had any significant acting work.She is the twin sister of Dennis Reynolds, and the legal daughter of Frank and Barbara Reynolds.Dee considers herself a member of The Gang that runs Paddy's, although the rest of the gang often disagrees with this assertion.

He would find out what they wanted for Christmas and then buy it for himself ("A Very Sunny Christmas").

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Dee's intense desire for fame and attention also cause her to embarrass herself, to risk suffering physical and/or emotional harm, to lie or create false identities, and to put herself in unpleasant, embarrassing, and/or awkward situations, countless times. However, this doesn't mean much, as the rest of the Gang are in generally horrible shape.

Along with Mac and Dennis, Dee has been shown to be an excellent skier (though the rules are different on the mountain). She is also apparently very rude to customers ("Here you go.

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