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Update: added a new post on configuring Solaris, link below.

Motivation In today's dynamic R&D network environments, it's not easy to keep the DNS records up-to-date: hosts are reinstalled/renamed/added frequently, virtual machines are so easy to deploy and destroy, DHCP allocates different IPs..

The great thing, is that it even works out-of-the-box on some operating systems.

Network Manager also gives the (remote) IP address of the DHCP-provided DNS nameserver to the forwarding nameserver.

For Ubuntu Server the network interface configuration utility is ifup and it is configured by the file Edit Connections.

However, for network interfaces configured by DHCP it normally isn't necessary to change any settings manually.

Visit Stack Exchange I can query our nameserver and I can see that the correct name has been updated.

However our office dns cache is still showing the old name.

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