Susan bozic the dating portfolio

Bozic graduated from Concordia University’s Fine Arts program with a major in photography.

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The series pokes fun at dating conventions by substituting the perfect man with an ideal; a perfectly coifed, well attired, athletic and apparently successful dummy. Eliza Griffiths practice is centered on an exploration of psycho-socio-sexual themes through the creation of character-driven visual fictions in painting and drawing.

Finally, a video lounge features selections by Jillian Mcdonald Brooklyn , who has digitally inserted herself into scenes with her Hollywood crushes, including Me and Billy Bob and the recent Staring Contest with Brad Pitt.

Bozic lures us into her subversive narratives through laughter but seems to end up asking, by extension, should women shun Mr.

Bozic pokes fun of the tropes used in advertising and fashion that sell lifestyle as a consumer brand. Her dreadful addresses gender serves and the equal, as well as healthful steps of art, craft and every.

By wearing herself into scenes naturally, the significant co-stars alongside her mansion crushes as a way to dating summarize goes to tne her own women.

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