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Ugarte, who often speaks to male groups about sex trafficking, said in the future, more needs to be done to understand root causes of why men turn to prostitutes, and to provide avenues for intervention, such as helping a man with social skills, encouraging marriage counseling or referring him to sex addiction treatment.“Most men have good hearts and they are not pervs,” Ugarte said.

Human trafficking is a situation in which an individual is compelled to work or engage in commercial sex through the use of force, fraud or coercion.

Credit cards stopped working with the site, so posters must use digital currency like Bitcoin to place ads.

Gift cards from major retailers have even been used as currency, according to a July report by The Dallas Morning News.

Here, the patrols have logged more than 9,200 purchase attempts since November 2015, with about 3,600 of those unique buyers, according to Project Concern International, which helps coordinate the patrols.

While the program is run by civilians and is not affiliated with law enforcement, it has its fans in government agencies who are fighting the same battles.“I think this problem of human trafficking and problem of demand is a social issue,” said San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan, an expert on the issue who helped vet the program in an unofficial capacity.“There are years of misinformation to men that buying is something that’s consensual, that these women, girls and boys want this, that this is a life they chose, that they somehow become rich and famous and live in mansions from this industry.

The website claims the third-party postings are protected free speech and that its ads are closely monitored for human trafficking.

The patrols will also turn over especially concerning cases to the Human Trafficking Task Force for follow-up, including frequent callers and when solicitation of children is suspected.The Cyber Patrol used to include racy wording in the ads to entice sex buyers, but the volunteers found that the website has been removing the overt references to prostitution, leaving only the number, poster’s age and photos up.So that’s how many of the ads in the women-seeking-men section appear, along with links to social media profiles that are usually private.They are warned that a conviction for solicitation of a minor could turn them into registered sex offenders.If the volunteer makes it all the way to the end of the script, then he offers the caller resources for help for sexual issues. Some callers engage, saying they weren’t aware of the harm.

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