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I m Ust say my early 20's were challenging but everything happens for a reason even though we dont figure out that reason till later in life!!!

i have the love of my life, a great job, friends and family and i am sooooo lucky and happy to have found my soulmate who is the best person i have ever known and it doesnt hurt that he is 6'5 and really hot too LOL!!!! July 8, 2008 Bakersfield, CA Marital Status: Engaged to James Turnbaugh Occupation: Customer Service at Brighthouse Networks Comments: Yes I moved to Bakersfield hehe. Hope that all is well and that life is good for all of you *heart* June 11, 2007 Email: [email protected], CA Marital Status: Married to Jake Chase Occupation: VP of Early Childhood Education at KBI, Inc.

If you attended Crescenta Valley High School, and have not yet submitted an entry for your class' page, please do so with this FORM, so you can be a part of the following pages.

If you would like your senior photo included or would like a recent photo included, please email your request to me, Scott the Webmaster. Email: [email protected] Status: Single Occupation: Grad student at Keck Graduate Institute Comments: Congratulations to all the recently graduated and married people.

) Reunion: I look forward to seeing everyone again..will of course be a night to remember. Comments: Well, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get married, too :) Seth and I met in March of 2004, started dating in May, got engaged in September, and we were married on May 21, 2005.

Comments: I hope everyone is doing well and starting the "rest of your lives"..them well. May 27, 2003 Email: [email protected] Status: Single Occupation: Service Tech at Pacific Bell Comments: Hey everybody!!! I haven't been up to much these days besides working and going on vacation. Neither of us had dated anyone else before eachother, but we knew, from day one, that we were supposed to be together for the rest of our lives. Anyway, Seth and I are living in Greeley, CO finishing up school. Tujunga, CA 91042 Marital Status: Married to Gary J.

decided to go back to school to study graphic design @ Otis College of Art and Design. Time flies...i'll probably be seeing you very soon.

February 8, 2005 Email: [email protected] Status: Married Spouse Name: Alex Gregory Madison Children: Reagan Liberty Madison, Mischief F. Madison Occupation: law student/ busy mama at My family Comments: I recently had twins on May 13, 2007.

I passed all the general and flying aptitude tests, rigorous medical exams, and psych evaluations and have been selected to attend Undergraduate Pilot Training this coming June.

Submitted by Juan Motta (Class of 1996) - January 22, 2004 Email: [email protected], CA Marital Status: Single Occupation: Student Athlete at Cal State Dominguez Hills Comments: WOW to some of the updated lives on this web page. I am still going through my trials and hard times, but remain trusting in god that we will be taken care of. Take Care October 5, 2007 Email: [email protected] Mirage, CA Marital Status: Divorced/Single Occupation: Data Entry Clerk at An insurance company Comments: I don't really miss C. Congrats to all who have gotten engaged/married/ children. January 11, 2008 Email: [email protected], CA Marital Status: Single Occupation: Dental Student at UCLA Comments: Time to update!

Dont plan on going to the reunion, but would like to hear from people. =) After a career in the music industry and a college degree from USC... Anyhow, good to see that everyone's moved on with their lives, some are married, others working or in school.

Thanks go out to all who have been my friend and to all who have helped me along my path. Ciao September 5, 2005 Email: [email protected] Status: Significant Other Occupation: Graduate Student Reunion: Crescenta Valley was a lot of fun and I have a lot of life long friends because of it.

See you all at the reunion and hopefully I'll be wearing wings! It will be fun to see some of you who I haven't seen in a very long time. Comments: I am a 2004 UCLA graduate and currently getting my doctorate in Chiropractic.

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