Stop skype updating

In the Show Contents window, you’ll add the hardware IDs for the device.

You’ll need to add them one at a time, so just copy each ID from that text file you created earlier and paste it into the next available line in the “Value” column.

But if you’ve got the Pro or Enterprise version of Windows, you can tailor your actions a little better by using Group Policy Editor to prevent the installation or updating of specific devices.

And of course, we have a caveat for you right off the bat: setting a policy to disable updates for a device prevents both automatic and manual updates of drivers for that device.

In Device Manager, find the device you want to block updates for.

Right-click the device and choose “Properties” from the context menu.

When you’re done adding all the hardware IDs, click OK.

Note that if you’re blocking updates for more than one device, you can just keep adding hardware IDs for all the devices to this window until you’re done.

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That said, with a little preparation to minimize the hassle, we think you’ll find it worth the effort. First, we’re going to use Device Manager to find the hardware IDs for the device in question, and then we’re going to use Group Policy Editor to block installation or updating of the device that matches those IDs.

Now that you have the right hardware IDs in hand, you’ll be using Group Policy Editor to make the changes.

Note again that you’ll need to be using a Windows Pro or Enterprise edition.

On the device’s properties window, click the “Details” tab.

From the “Property” drop-down menu, choose “Hardware Ids” to display the IDs associated with the device.

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