Steam always validating files

Yes, before you can suggest translations you will have to undergo a two-step application procedure after you log on above.Please note: small corrections can also be mailed or posted on the STS Lounge. No, you cannot directly apply for moderator status.

To participate, simply link your Steam Account with this site.While there are no confidentiality rules or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) for Steam Translation, please be considerate in not spoiling or leaking potentially critical information or strings.If you feel the nagging urge to leak and spoil, we are here to help and can always mediate your nag: Can ILeak This? Q: Do I have to apply/register to be able to suggest translations?With your help, Steam can now become fully localized in each of the 26 languages we support.As a participant in Steam translation, you'll have access to all text elements within Steam's Client application, Store, Community, and even Valve's games.

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