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Along with other representatives of local businesses, Adrian sat with groups of Year 9s and talked about his career - in his case the steps necessary to become a solicitor and a little of what to expect after qualification.Careers Speed Dating is an annual tradition at the Weald School, although this year the format was changed somewhat - the pupils remained in groups and the volunteers passed from group to group talking about their businesses for five minutes.There’s an opportunity for follow-up questions and a genuine interchange.My on-campus interview with Cleary quickly veered off the canned introduction and became a full-scale defense of my undergrad thesis.

Adrian described the event as great fun and he was very impressed with all of the pupils he met. I love my friends, and my mother and my brother and my cat-- . As for the "falling in" kind of love, I'm willing to risk it-- and if it doesn't work out, I'll do my best at least to stay a friend. My parents, my friends' parents, my friends--- even my grandparents, for chrissake! (HUGH rises as she gets up to leave.) Yeah, well, it's been nice talking to you. I figure I have to be up front about it: "not looking for a wife or a family". No--I like kids, I'm good with kids-- as long as they understand that I'm like a buddy or an uncle. I'm looking for a relationship of pleasure, not pressure.In a way, the traditional model of flitting from one isolated interaction to another is actually more like speed dating than what Herrick’s doing.And, let’s be honest, most of those 20-minute interviews are just time-killing exercises after a student is already plucked off the sheet based on their 1L transcript making the traditional model more like an in-person Tinder session than a substantive blind date.

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