Smelly t shirt dating

" says Professor Robin Dunbar, evolutionary psychologist and author of The Science of Love and Betrayal."It's absolutely essential for the whole system." But just like being attracted to someone's scent doesn't necessarily result in love, nor does love necessarily mean life-long monogamy."Humans create romantic pair-bonds, which produce this monogamy-like effect where it closes down interest in other potential partners," says Professor Dunbar."Women in particular make much more complex decisions [when dating], and there's a trade-off for women that really doesn't seem to apply to men."The trade-off being time spent pregnant, breastfeeding and without wine or soft cheese."Once a woman has committed herself to a reproductive event …she wants to try to maximise the chances that the offspring she produces …And I know for me personally, smell is a really important part of attraction."It's important for Sam Zelitch, too.After signing up for Smell Dating, the Brooklyn-based comedian received eight smell samples, of which he says five smelled "real nice"."Two of them just weren't my scent, and one smelled like actual shit," Mr Zelitch admits.We've been on two dates so far and I'm confident we'll see each other again."Which is more than I can say for my summer lover.

In 2010, artist Judith Prays held the world's first so-called Pheromone Party in Brooklyn.

After wearing a T-shirt — but no deodorant — for three days and nights, participants swap their smelly sample for swatches of other participants' shirts.

If, after inhaling deeply and providing their preferences, two participants like each other's scent, Smell Dating will facilitate an exchange of contact details.

are the best they can be," Professor Dunbar continues."But she also has to consider rearing responsibilities, and will usually be looking for a male to make direct or indirect contributions to rearing."In other words, it doesn't matter how good someone smells if they're not willing to get up in the middle of the night to change a dirty nappy. Ms Brain says she and Mr Lavigne are so far unsure if any true love has sparked from a smelly T-shirt but, due to a "crazy" amount of interest in their project, there are plans to run it again in New York later in the year.

She would also love to bring it to Australia at some stage.

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