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Tliey were used l)y special constables sworn in at the time of the INlachinery Jviots, in 1830. And their fourth son, Francis-Willoughby Hodges, third Lieutenant of hismajesty's frigate Diana, died of the yellow-fever, on board of that bliip in the West-Indies, July 15, 1800 ; aged 17 years. were to a oi*eat ejtent rebuilt beau= *tifie& an^ wltb tbe ei*eeption of tbe dfont entire* A\j returnisbe^ in tbe vears ot our Xorb 1861 ant) 1862 at tbe sole ei^pense ot Ube IRicjbt Ibonourablc GBHIb QIRmi S 1b H1RDI3 ri D^p; of UDemsteb pari? Call'd to the grave, ere scarce thy course begun, Their deaths hiniented by Friends tho' happy lot, Laid in tlie Tombs, where cares are all forgot, Departed this life now safe on that calm sliore, Where sin and pain ;iud sorrows are no more. 56 BENENDEN MONUMENTS Also Here lyetli y'' Body of Deborah Wife of James Munn she died the 20*'/ of I\Iarch 1748 Aged 63 Years. Tho^ Tress of this Parish ; who died Jan^ IL 17G7, Aged 57 Yeajs. 67 Sarah Juixi E late of tliis parish wlio (leparte J this life January 17*'-* 1847. (On .s(-(/t of old Altar Tomh.) Here lieth the Ixnly of AVilliam of Benenenden late desesed wich depted this life the 20 day of Octoher in the yeare 1G52 & in the 27"' yeare of his Age. In Memory of Ric:hard Grant, Gent: Son of Ptic HARD and Mary Grant who lies Interred in the Toml) Adjoining to s stone,; lu, Ao-ed G4 Years. Left Issue Rich V Mary and Sally Also in Memory of Rich^ Grant, Gen^ who died Feb^ 11. ^i^iivimj isiurviitino Muditit \m W\U $i ^(i Ssiuc two 5on.$ niul two §i\u}\Ur^ m €\un'U^, mifvcd, . ^m\, Cv' ^^Uv Wm, 2[y kindred and best friends, adieu/ Deatli calls/ I leace the woild and you, let youth their footsteps (juide luith care, since deatli their youth nor aye will spare : he then sincere, be true and just, and in your d' ;]! Double hmdid SU Also Margaret ]iis Wife who died Jau^ 16 1795 Aged 83 Years. and of Clara, their youngest daughter, who died V^ Novemlier 1882, aged 41 years.

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The staves themselves are gradually mouldering away, they are the relics of a much larger number, about 150. The Vicar went away whilst this was being done, and when he returned was disappointed to find only a small lath and plaster abode. They left five surviving children; Thomas-Law IIodoks of Hempstead-Place Esq. Their second son, John Hodges, died, on board the Warley East-Indiaman, on his passage from Madras to China, October 9,1793; aged 1 6 years. (Urnamtntal Brass Plate on the Wall.) XTbe Bo^i^ an^ Cbancel ot tbis Cburcb, bcim mucb Dilaptbateb. In memory of Mary wife of Thomas Hunt and one of the daughters of Anthony Paul of Ilalden in this county, she departed this life in the month of January 1759, Thomas Hunt above named who departed this life in the month of May 1783 Philadelphia wife of Paul Hunt who 12 BENENDEN MONUMENTS departed this life in the month of Oct' 1792, Rebecca Magdalen widow of the above named Thomas Hunt, who departed this life in the month of May 1805 and of Paul Hunt, above named, who departed this life without issue, in the montli of May 1826, aged 71 years, he was the only child of Thomas Hunt by Mary his wife ; and tlie only surviving descendant of Anthony Paul. of this Parisli ; who departed this Life (wit J I a Cancer in the Breast) Fel)ruaiy the 24^1^ 1817, Aged 54 Years. Alas dear Children, short is tlic race you have run,. ■J o Sacred to the mem(jry of Thomas Son of James and Sarah Judge, of Godderd's Green, in this Parish : who was Born May the 12'V 1805. to the lucmory of Sarah-Tooth eldest daucfhter of James and IN Til K OHURL'HYARD. Also near this Stone lies two of her Children, hy her first Husband AVi Li;^' Blackwkll. To tlie memory of Stephen Croft, of tliis Parish Wlio died April V^ 1835, - ■ Aged 54 Years. also of Ann, dauo-jiter, of the aliove, who died August /H' 1835, aged 2G years. him." Not my will God but thine be done to the memory of Owen Southon, of this parish ; 106 BENENDEN MONUMENTS born November, 6"' 1822. leaving a wife and two children Kathrine and Anne Elizabeth, to lament tlieir loss. also of Sophia, his widow, who departed this life 'j V' Fc))ruary 1883, aged 80 years. 1426 (ipud Hieglium fferers diis adinisit (Inni TItomahi Alston (J;ipcll;uiuui iul \'ic! poch de Beiiyngden, Cant diicc p resignat dni Ji Jiis JLisshara \\t vicarii ibidem vacant, ad prcsentationeni I'riuris li; (Jonvent.

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But the term "dene," according to another authority, is difierently ap2;)lied in different localities, thus a " dene " in Sussex almost inyariably signifies a hollow phice among downs — a sljfilter for sheep; and a "dene" in Kent, seems generally to mean a feeding place for swine. Acorns and beechmast at one time formed food of men as well as swine, &c., and oak trees were very valuable, so that by a law of King Ina, a penalty of 60 shillings was imposed upon any man who unlawfully cut down an oak under which 30 swine could l)e slieltered.

The termination " den " has been discussed at great length by A^arious authors, and may signify either a "valley," or a "woody place." Furley, in his history of the Weald, has propounded various theories, and apparently follows Spelman, who asserts that the Saxon word "den," alias "dene," is the same as lair, cave, valley ; sometimes (sheep) cote, a resting place (of beasts), Avhence the origin of the word seems to l)e derived. Benenden had hog pannage in the forest before Ethelred's time.

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