Signs dating a loser

This is one of the reasons leaving him is so difficult for her.Her adult-level social and personal development has been influenced by his antisocial thinking.He has told her if they get married, we are not invited!He has also told us there is no way to reconcile things until after they’re married — and that will take at least a couple of years.He doesn’t really care much about the people who are important to you.

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They are engaged, and because we asked him to get a job (he hasn’t worked or gone to school for months and months), he refuses to come to our home or speak to us.He is the worst thing that has happened to our family.Looking back, we wish we had shipped her off somewhere when she was 17. We didn’t know what a serious problem this was back then.He always turns to you to fix all of his problem for him.You know that his life would be in absolute disarray if you weren’t around to pick up the slack on his behalf.

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