Should i stop dating him

She broke up with me and we weren’t even together.” Naturally, I was angry, but it indicated to me the vast difference between MY perception of the relationship versus HIS.

We viewed our interactions very differently and never talked about it, so clearly we were not on the same page.

Over time I’ve learned that it’s important to subdue my dramatic nature, especially after dating guys who really weren’t all that fascinating.

It seems mean and callous, but honestly, it’s been done to me by plenty of men, and I don’t blame them for it. It serves me better to make my own set of plans with my friends, or just enjoy my time alone to do something that benefits ME.

Cry if you need to, but get out of there and save your heart.

The thing I most appreciate about dating is that it gives us the freedom to explore what we’re looking for from others.

Sometimes I’ve spiritually punished myself for things not working out with someone I liked.

What I learned, eventually, was that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with things not working out someone I date.

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    "And my son was unhappy that I was dating a younger man." But a little disapproval was clearly not going to stop her from kicking up her heels.

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    “As a result, if you don’t think about dating outside the race, then you very might well may wind up single.” The book, “Interracial Relationships between Black Women and White Men,” includes real stories of romantic relationships – from dating, marriage to divorce – between black women and white men.