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"The guidelines based on the research should be helpful to parents and policy-makers alike."Hiding from parents The teen chat room participants talked about sex "a lot of the time," Greenfield said.

"They were referring to various forms of sex, all in code, without using words about sex.

In chat rooms, the youth are sexually pursued, the study found.

Separate research detailed the extent to which teens seek advice on sex and relationships from anonymous peers on the Web -- and the ways they keep parents out of the loop.

The app currently has around 10 million daily users and is becoming very popular with teens.

The dating app, which is free to download, is really easy to use and there is very little effort required to set up your profile.

These terms also come and go, appearing out of nowhere and then disappearing from use just as quickly, while some expressions used in one part of the country may be considered outdated or embarrassing in another.

"I was pursued sexually."Much of the innocence of childhood is lost "with today's all-pervasive sexualized media environment," Greenfield said.

"By late childhood, it has become very difficult to avoid highly sexualized material that is intended for an adult audience."The results show of this and other studies released Wednesday how teen Internet use has evolved quickly, said Amy Sussman, National Science Foundation (NSF) program officer."They illustrate both the dangers and opportunities on the Web, as well as debunk popularly held but incorrect notions about teen Internet use," Sussman said.

Once your profile is set up, Tinder will then provide you with a list of relevant matches based on your profile, interests, mutual friends on Facebook, location, sex and selected age range.

You can then either swipe right to make a match with another user, tap his/her image to view more or swipe left to continue looking through potential matches.

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