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Instead, Megerman sent CO Toomer a memorandum stating that he (Megerman) expected exemplary behavior of him.

Furthermore, Mc Coy, Barth, and Terri O'Neill, one of CO Toomer's direct supervisors, all testified that no one asked or directed them to keep a close watch on CO Toomer following Megerman's decision not to terminate him.

For reversal, the County argues that the evidence was insufficient as a matter of law to establish (1) a continuing, widespread, persistent pattern of unconstitutional conduct by county employees; (2) deliberate indifference by the County to a substantial risk of harm to Ware; and (3) a causal link between the County's conduct and Ware's injury. In 1995 Ware brought a § 1983 action against the County, alleging that JCDC Corrections Officer (CO) John Toomer raped her in violation of the Eighth Amendment while she was a JCDC inmate.

Facts This case arises out of the rampant sexual misconduct of employees at the JCDC toward female inmates. At all relevant times, Megerman served as the director of the JCDC.

CO Williams then reentered the cell after Noble and had sex with Stone again.On May 11, 1993, based on his investigation, Barth recommended to the Director of the JCDC, Charles Megerman, that CO Toomer be terminated.Barth was concerned about what CO Toomer would do to prisoners and believed that CO Toomer could not be trusted.Morefield's memorandum to Byler was the only document generated from Byler's second memorandum.Neither Mc Coy, Morefield, nor anyone else at the jail interviewed Byler about what Hylton had told him.

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