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The content of these rooms, and responsibility for moderating them, are at the sole discretion of the rooms’ owners.

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We wanted everyone to be able to use it, and for it to be safe, secure, and compatible with as many devices and browsers as possible, so we made that our primary development goal.

As a result, this chat software requires no plugins of any kind.

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Victims Of Incest Can Emerge Survivors (VOICES) in Action, Inc.You get to determine who stays and who goes, what topics of discussion are allowed, and who gets to help you operate your private chat.It's all free and requires no registration, but there are things you might want to know in order to own your own chat room and operate it effectively. It requires NO third-party software to run: No downloads, no plugins, no configuration, and no registration.Sign up or just sign right in as a guest, and you'll be chatting within seconds.

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